Methodologies, tools and concrete and successful examples to achieve your digital transformation

Umberto Mirani, Senior Partner of Bonfiglioli Consulting and CEO of Digibelt will intervene within the EDTP 2020 Edition program, a path with the aim of providing the tools to develop the Digital Agenda and the Digital Roadmap in your company through a combination of theoretical models and practical.

 It will take place within the Lean Factory School® where it will be possible to:

  • know the Lean & Digital Industry 4.0 approach
  • experimenting the potential of enabling technologies to accelerate improvement processes and create new business models (IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Vertical and Horizontal Integration, Artificial Intelligence)
  • actually see the application of Digibelt solutions in action

During the training days, several speakers will take turns arguing on:

  • artificial intelligence for process optimization and predictive quality
  • blockchain and industrial applications
  • total value 3d virtual chain, from the product idea to the assistance service in the virtual domain
  • iot, cloud, hmi / communication protocols and quality 4.0
  • "SMART FACTORY" model by Automobili Lamborghini Spa
  • digital agenda

Visit the page for further information and to be updated on the progress of the program in webinair and subsequent days in the presence that we are organizing in full compliance with the regulations for the Covid-19 emergency