June 19, 2018 4pm - A meeting with a concrete cut to appreciate the possible applications of Artificial Intelligence in the manufacturing sector to achieve zero defect quality.

Artificial Intelligence systems are and will increasingly support human activity: through man-made machine learning algorithms (Deep Machine Learning), we are able to process a huge amount of data - millions of images, for example - and recognize some discriminating characteristics necessary for modeling and solving problems, among them Quality.

Bonfiglioli Consulting and Orobix, a company specialized in the design of Artificial Intelligence systems, will present some real application examples in the manufacturing sector in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, die-casting, automotive and rubber sectors.

It will be possible:

  • Understand the state of the art of applying AI algorithms to the manufacturing context
  • Appreciate how it is possible to objectify defects and report any drift of the process in a preventive and predictive way
  • Optimize processes and achieve zero defect quality

Orobix develops systems capable of collecting data and independently learning the best strategy for solving concrete problems, coming from any field of work.


In particular, in the industrial sector, it develops end-of-line quality control systems, which autonomously learn the shape and characteristics of the inspected pieces and detect anomalies or classify defects. In addition, Orobix applies autonomous learning (reinforcement learning) to the robotic field, developing systems that automatically learn a behavior strategy that starts from the detection of information in the field - via sensors or vision systems - and proceeds by attempts.

Participation is free. To register, fill in the online form by June 14, 2018.


4 o’clock pm

Welcome and presentation of the Company

Umberto Mirani, Senior Partner of Bonfiglioli Consulting
Half past 4 pm

Artificial Intelligence in the manufacturing context and presentation of real cases in the Automotive Manufacturing sectors, die-castings, rubber, metal components,

  • Pietro Rota, Co-Founder and President of Orobix
  • Umberto Mirani, Senior Partner of Bonfiglioli Consulting
  • Massimo Onori, Project Leader of Bonfiglioli Consulting
6 o’clock pm Discussion and closing of works


19/06/2018 Lean Factory School® - Via della Solidarietà 1 - Crespellano - Valsamoggia Bo

How to participate

To register, simply send the registration within 7 days from the beginning of the event. For further information, please contact the organizational team on 051 2987011. Bonfiglioli Consulting reserves the right not to confirm the registration of freelancers and staff of consultancy companies.