Why do it as soon as possible

The Covid crisis has strongly highlighted the role of technology in the company, bringing to light many critical issues and potential benefits to address the increasingly uncertain present and future.


In an Italy that extended the state of emergency to 31 January 2021, companies are learning to live with the Covid-19 risk.

It is a situation that on the one hand has compressed in a strong and decisive way many turnovers leading to choices in some cases even critical, but in some ways is representing a stimulus for the business evolution of many small and medium enterprises that are increasingly embracing a fast and concrete digital transformation.


It is well known how, by now, the protraction of the emergency situation is making new operational models mature in which technologies play an increasingly enabling role, driving entire realities to a real transformation also from the organizational point of view: think, for example, that a good part of the companies had to revise the physical spaces, the contracts, the commercial and customer care modalities, but not only. Think also of the numerous opportunities for contact with customers that have suddenly disappeared and that today are finding conversion to digital approaches that allow social distancing and at the same time recreate those situations of encounter, albeit virtual (a clear example are certainly the fairs of all sectors, both nationally and internationally).


In an uncertain and volatile landscape where the main priorities are for many manufacturing companies (and not only):

  • Speed on Time to Market
  • The greater efficiency of the machines and the production process, more generally of the product and service offered
  • The best design quality (robust design)
  • The search for more reliable performance (zero downtime target)
  • The need to record lower energy consumption and reduce environmental impact
  • Making the Total Cost of Ownership Sustainable
  • Increase the level of service at every stage of the process from pre salt to after sales

It is clear that the digitization of business in all its forms is now seen as the main way out to ensure business continuity but more than ever an opportunity to relaunch the company and to rethink its business models, increasing an increasingly rewarding approach of customer centricity.

Therefore, today we feel the need to consolidate our digital strategies, focusing on a strengthening of the infrastructure, adapting our processes, training people who increasingly require digital skills and a different approach to the established habits, but not only, also increasing security and aiming to include in the budget of the coming years new investments in innovation and technology.

From a research conducted by Cordence Worldwide on the issues of expected economic development, current major challenges and long-term management priorities, as well as expected industry developments, has shown that digitization in all business areas is the top priority in the post-Covid-19 landscape.

In fact, the study shows that digitization remains a strategic and central cornerstone for the future development of the entire value chain in order to realize long-term potentials in the opinion of more than 212 board members of large companies in various sectors.


Digibelt, Bonfiglioli Consulting's innovative startup, strongly believes in the now unavoidable need to approach the digitization of companies and thus allow them to maintain a constant and growing competitive advantage over time even in contexts of extreme turbulence and market uncertainty.

The critical issues that emerged during the lock-down and in the following phases that we are still going through in the world today, have pushed us to intensify our activities of development and improvement of solutions and more generally of our skills to the complete benefit of our clients.

Digibelt, thanks also to the support of its technology partners and the academic world, is consolidating solutions for predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, virtual commissioning and digital twin.

We want to accompany companies in a path of continuous improvement and enhancement of "Industry 4.0" technologies to ensure speed, flexibility, decision-making capacity and competitiveness to companies.


Contact us for more information. We will be happy to tell you about our approach and our model of intervention.