The adoption of integrated solutions rewards businesses

The ability to acquire data and transform it into valuable information enables companies to support them in a process that increasingly helps them to be aware of how they are doing and where necessary to correct the route quickly and easily to remain competitive in the market.

The need to collect, know, move data and information in real time is therefore a trend in strong growth, a real need of many and no longer the "habit" of the few.

The technology of the IIoT is evolving rapidly and with truly amazing results, driven by an ever-increasing need to "connect" with the field. This has given life and vigor to the Industry 4.0 movement that today is increasingly focused on the digitization process.

It represents in fact a significant asset for differentiation, but above all for the improvement of its competitiveness on the market while maintaining solid principles of sustainability and corporate welfare.

It is also clear that the rapid technological development has remained rather compartmentalized in individual contexts and this has created a gap between Operation Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) that today is essential to bridge and integrate to ensure the achievement of excellent performance, with excellent standards of safety, quality and environment and an industrial ecosystem as a whole more resilient to the weather of the market.

Corvina Cloud was born as a platform to simplify the implementation, organization and management of assets related to data acquisition and therefore to the whole world of OT: it brings all OT issues to a more IT level. A secure, scalable and intuitive platform with IIoT support that reduces additional installation and maintenance costs and paves the way for the IIoT business models of the future.

This approach allows costs to be reduced with a simple click through a web-based platform. It allows you to achieve a more simplified management of assets, their update, configuration of data to be collected, display of control dashboards and plant alerts that along the process are sent digitally within the organization for rapid resolution.

The introduction and integration of Corvina Cloud with the Digibelt C&A platform, designed according to Bonfiglioli Consulting's Lean World Class® model, makes it possible to link data from the field with process and quality logics on individual workstations, automating the KPIs that can be consulted in real time, when this was previously done manually and with unnecessary waste of resources and delegated to the individual operator.


We believe that the synergy and integration between Exor International's Corvina world and the Digibelt platform is a new approach to digitization that no longer divides data acquisition from process improvement and corporate strategic objectives, but puts them together in a single "plug&play" system.

The time has come to intercept the improvements that technology can bring, to adopt integrated solutions that improve business processes and results despite the market turbulence and that the covid-19 pandemic has generated so strongly.

For further details, we refer you to Exor's video presentation and look forward to a visit to Bonfiglioli Consulting's Lean Factory School®, and very soon to the first 5G factory.



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