Lean Digital: la via italiana alla fabbrica 5G

Lean Digital: la via italiana alla fabbrica 5G

Last November 12, 2020 the new book "Lean Digital, the Italian way to the 5G factory" by Michele Bonfiglioli, CEO of Bonfiglioli Consulting, and Umberto Mirani, CEO of DIGIBELT, and edited by the socio-economic journalist Maria Cristina Origlia was released: the first book on the opportunities and practical applications of the combination Lean and the 4.0 digital revolution told through 6 successful cases of companies that have already started the digital transformation.

The two authors tell about the methodological approach that integrates the best Lean organizational model with the amazing opportunities offered by Industry 4.0 enabling technologies.

Published by Guerini Next, "Lean Digital, the Italian way to the 5G factory" is a wide-ranging text that, after analyzing the macroeconomic changes of the last twenty years, explains how the Italian manufacturing world can recover efficiency and competitiveness thanks to a digital transformation based on a conscious choice of enabling technologies to be grafted onto robust, flexible and lean processes at the service of business and customer value. Without neglecting the challenges that companies have had to face in recent months and that await them in the months to come.

The book concludes with six cases of companies that have already deployed digital transformation and are on their way to becoming 5G factories:

Automobili Lamborghini where robotics are serving humans;

Exor International, which will complete 5G experimentation in its Digital 4.0 factory by 2020;

Philip Morris, an example of a strategy in total countertrend and after having taken the path of diversification, has decided to refocus on its business of all time;

Recordati, who have always been aware that the efficiency of the entire operation of the company cannot be achieved without top down process sharing;

SABO, fourth place among the thirty best SMEs with a turnover between twenty and five hundred million, in the ranking "One Thousand Italian Champions", presented on the Stock Exchange on May 8, 2020 and carried out by the ItalyPost Research Center on commission of Corriere della Sera;

Unifarco, which since its inception has identified an extremely innovative organizational model of network companies.

The book is available in the main bookshops and can also be purchased online.

It is certainly an opportunity for all readers to share their experiences and expertise.