The covid-19 emergency has shaken global markets, highlighting the need for companies to remodel their current processes by effectively accelerating the adoption of digital tools and technologies.

In this uncertain landscape full of rapid and unpredictable changes, the aspects destined to become real trends for the future are certainly: omnicanality, flexibility and importance of data


The centrality of a data-driven approach


In order to promote and support change in an increasingly VUCA context (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), it has become essential for companies to respond with an early vision of change, an understanding of different perspectives, clarity and flexibility, agility in making decisions and innovating product processes and their business model.

But how?

 People, technology, processes and capabilities must be organised, mobilised and closely coordinated to develop ideas, behaviours and decisions capable of generating change that continuously improves and innovates the value offered to the market and produces successful results.

The data-driven managerial approach has been known for a long time, but during the health emergency that we have gone through and are still going through, it has become particularly urgent and a highly topical issue with an important focus on tomorrow.

This clearly means on the one hand relying on new tools and solutions, but on the other also re-evaluating the current conditions to create and enhance the right skills within your organization.

But beware that data alone is not enough; it must be analysed and transformed into useful information to extract real added value. Moreover, information is more effective if it is integrated and shared within the organization and for this reason it is considered essential to have visibility on data also by the other main actors of the value chain.

Evidence can be found, for example, in the horizontal and vertical integration between the Sales & Operations Planning world, which allows the company to be more responsive to changes in demand while keeping profitability, customer service and inventory levels under control.


The main focus for entrepreneurs and decision-makers in the near future

Organizations are rich in data, but too often they are not accurate and not usable, so they are not useful to make strategic and/or operational decisions to improve/innovate their business.

A large number of entrepreneurs and decision-makers are more and more oriented to implement 4.0 technologies in companies, however, attention is paid to the fact that the components of a business model (how it captures, generates and distributes value) condition each other: a unified and integrated vision of products, processes, people and technologies is necessary.

The Lean & Digital approach allows to face this path in a sustainable way, bringing the company closer to a gradual awareness of the benefits that the adoption of digital solutions designed in a "lean" logic leads to the improvement of the entire value chain in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and quality.Digibelt, Bonfiglioli Consulting's innovative startup, is the ideal partner for managing a large amount of "structured" and "unstructured" information from a multitude of company processes and procedures, with the ultimate goal of capturing winning and profitable assets for the entire business in real-time, guaranteeing ample flexibility and responsiveness.

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