On 19 April 2018 Confindustria Firenze Formazione Cosefi organizes, with the support of Bonfiglioli Consulting, a free Workshop on the use of enabling technologies to accelerate improvement processes and create new business models. What frontiers can the simple and intelligent application of technologies enabling processes managed with Lean Thinking open up?


We felt the need to develop an approach that integrates and combines the reference organizational model of recent years (Lean Thinking) with the opportunities generated by available technologies, relatively cheap and not complex to use (Enabling Technologies).

Our reference model poses two objectives / questions:

  • Can enabling technologies be used to accelerate the improvement processes already in place?
  • Can enabling technologies be used to create new business models and / or new ways to serve customers?


During the workshop, a systematic approach to digitization for the manufacturing company will be illustrated, which must take place on processes optimized in a streamlined and simple way:

  • Lean & Digital Assessment: how to determine the current degree of maturity in lean techniques and the degree of digitization
  • Strategy Alignment: how to exploit technologies for new business models.
  • Digital Agenda: how to develop a digital transformation plan


The workshop is aimed at entrepreneurs, general managers, technical office managers, purchasing, planning, logistics, T&M, sales, marketing.


Participation is free upon registration by filling in and sending the form that you can download HERE